Athlete Q & A with Dolcie Hanlon

Dolcie Hanlon


Cross Country & Soccer & Basketball 


Q: How was it trying to practice in the 100-degree weather and bad air quality?

A: It’s been really tough running with this air quality lately, my mouth gets super dry really fast and I can feel it in my throat. Especially after running my throat will hurt and the heat makes us sweat so much but, it’s good to practice in and get used to. 


Q: How did Covid-19 affect any summer camps or practices and have masks affected it?

A:  Having to wear masks before and after practice is hard just because you get all energized and you are breathing hard and you have your mask on but, I’ll do anything to run cross country and feel normal-ness again so it’s no problem. I was hoping to commit to playing soccer at the end of my junior year but, everything got pushed back so now I’m still looking to where I want to play in college because I couldn’t make it out to ID camps because of Covid-19, so it has all been crazy about figuring out where I want to play soccer next year.


Q: Are you worried about the spring sports getting pushed back or getting canceled again?

A: I’m definitely worried because it’ll be such a bummer first of all not getting to play my senior year of my favorite sport soccer and then also not being able to maybe send film to colleges that I might be looking into.


Q:  Do you have any hopes or goals for upcoming seasons?

A: For cross country my goal is to hit somewhere in the high twenties. For basketball, I’m hoping to get all-state or all-conference, and lastly for soccer, I hope to get all-state or all-conference too.