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A Life Changing Ceremony

A Life Changing Ceremony

November 18, 2018

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

November 16, 2018

Trip Q&A

Trip Q&A

November 6, 2018

Stomping a Stigma: November Campaign

Zach Shettler, Reporter

April 6, 2018

Filed under Features

Stomping a Stigma: The November Campaign To love others you must first love yourself.  That is one of the main messages that student council raised awareness for through the November Campaign. Student council hosted events...

The Ovens are Hot

Annika Sisac, Reporter

December 18, 2017

Filed under Features, Showcase, Upcoming Events

The ovens are hot and the stakes are set high, last Thursday the GJHS Catering Student’s skills will be put to the test at the Food Truck Throw Down. It’s an exciting event where great food can be enjoyed by teachers and...

The Elf is in

Annika Sisac, Reporter

December 7, 2017

Filed under Features, Showcase, Students and Culture, Upcoming Events

Dear GJHS, The elf is in! I'm in the school reporting to Santa if you are being naughty or nice. I'll be around the school, so keep your eyes open wide. If you find me in my hiding spot, snap a picture and DM the Orange Black...

How to Heat Up a Holiday

Aspen Leman, Guest Reporter

December 6, 2017

Filed under Features, News, Showcase, Students and Culture

In Grand Junction, not everyone is lucky enough to spend a winter around the fireplace with hot cocoa. In an attempt to make everyone's holiday a little bit cozier, here's a heart warming idea. A new trend is taking place in...

The Experience Arcade

Madi Martinez, Reporter

December 4, 2017

Filed under Features, News, Showcase

  James Van Pelt is a teacher here at GJHS and teaches literacy to ninth graders. Mr. Van Pelt is also an author of many short stories. He has written a total of 52 stories and 38 of them have been sold to magazines. Mr....

GJHS’s Dylan Martinez Aims High and commits to Air Force


November 5, 2017

Filed under Features, Showcase, Sports

   Wrestling matches last just six minutes... there are just three two-minute periods that take every bit of focus, technique and strength a wrestler can muster.  It's a grueling sport that takes years of practice, defeats and ...

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