D51 and other school districts nationwide receive hoax threats


Serenity Schmidt

School security officers show up at GJHS often

Grand Junction High School and other schools nationwide have been receiving hoax call threats recently.

Currently, it is trending in many schools (including District 51) to receive a phone call that threatens to do something violent or harmful to the school. 

“Our job is to make sure that we help schools follow the safety policies and protocols that are already in place. We just are here to help support schools in making sure that those are being met,” said D51 officer Penny Harris.

Our school can’t do everything to prevent school shooter threats. But, our D51 security officers are doing their best to keep our school safe by making sure all doors are closed and locked during classes.

“They have increased significantly [hoax calls], across the state of Colorado. We don’t know what’s causing it to increase,” said another D51 officer.

As of now, GJHS has not received any threatening calls, but that does not mean that it won’t happen.