SATIRE: Gordon Ramsay visits GJHS for an episode of Hells Kitchen

Famous chef Gordon Ramsay visits the GJHS cafiteria and gushes about how amazing the food is.

Gordon Ramsay posing for a portrait after rating the fantastic food at GJHS’s cafiteria. (Photo courtesy of WikiPedia

Editor’s Note: In honor of April Fool’s Day, the Orange and Black is publishing satire articles.  The contents of this story are purely for entertainment.

Gorden Ramsay, a famous television chef, visited Grand Junction High School and what he said about Grand Junction will boost your Tiger Pride. 

Gordon Ramsay came from England on February 23 for a Hell’s Kitchen episode at Grand Junction, but he was impressed to find that he had no problems with the food. 

“I’ve heard of Rat Man, but I never saw the positive aspects of what he has done,” said Ramsay 

Ramsay said that his favorite part of his stay at GJHS was the Hot Dogs which he said he likes the “extra spice,” inside of the Hot Dogs. 

“The beans were beyond what I thought beans could be. The beans had white spots inside of them and I never would have guessed baby spiders go great with beans. I guess it’s just the secret recipe,” said Ramsay.

Ramsay said that he loved the food so much that he started giving some to the many mice here at Grand Junction High School. 

“After all, the mice here at the school are our neighbors and we should treat them and help them like neighbors,” Ramsay said. 

Ramsay left Grand Junction High School on March 3, 2023, to return back to the United Kingdom leaving a favorable review on the Grand Junction High School cafeteria food.