SATIRE: GJHS canceled on Twitter

Student speaks out against injustices at GJHS and gets the school canceled in Twitter.


Becca Nedohon

GJHS was cancelled on twitter for not asking kids for their consent to learn. Students and teachers in an uproar.

Editor’s Note: In honor of April Fool’s Day, the Orange and Black is publishing satire articles.  The contents of this story are purely for entertainment.

Grand Junction High School has recently been canceled on leaving students in shock and wondering what is next for the fate of the school. Everyone is freaking out because clearly if something is canceled on Twitter it must be a big deal.

It turns out the reason school was canceled is because of senior Trey LeFabret. Mr. LEfibre  came out on social media and called the school out saying “The fact that the teachers didn’t ask for my consent to learn is just offensive and should not be allowed.”

The recent controversy has everyone in the school in a scramble and heavy layoffs could be coming soon.

D51 Schools responded to the recent controversy by posting this tweet: “In regards to the recent cancellation on Twitter we have decided to denounce Grand Junction High School from our district.”

This statement leaves teachers in shock and wondering if they could be laid off.

When asking teachers their thoughts about the situation they had this to say.

“What the Hell are you talking about?” Said Michelle Davis, a soon to be laid off science teacher of GJHS. 

“I personally think every teacher in this school should be sent to a tolerance camp and can’t come back till they’re ready to tolerate us,” said LeFaboulous. Tolerance camp of course is the camp created by Carson Daily of NBC. This camp is for people who simply don’t tolerate other people and their beliefs.

Here is what Zayden Ross, a student of GJHS said about being in tolerance camp.

“I just want to go home and see my family, man,” said GJHS student Zayden Ross.

 Ross was put in the camp because he wore a Pokemon hat in GJHS teacher Russel Gregory’s class when Gregory clearly stated at the beginning of the year he was a Mario fan. 

The former President of the United States Bill Clinton came out of hiding and stated this on Twitter: “If I am elected again as president I will make sure no behavior of this manner will happen again.”

Clinton then deleted the tweet and apologized for being off his meds again.

GJHS will be forced into a merger with Central High School. Central’s reaction to this information was: “Stab, Stab, Stab,” as posted on Twitter.

 For making that joke, the writer of this article is currently under investigation and could be sent to a tolerance camp myself.

This truly is a dark time for us all.