OPINION: New campus rules spread across GJHS

A reflection on the changes in rules and expectations at GJHS


Serenity Schmidt

Students are no longer allowed to wear hoodies inside the building at Grand Junction High School.

There are some new school rules that were put in place this school year at Grand Junction High School, and I personally don’t mind them.

At the start of this school year, principal Meghan Roenicke announced to all of the students that there will no longer be headphones and hoods allowed. This is because headphones and hoods have started to become a bigger problem in school for the past couple of years.

The GJHS staff is trying to make the school a better learning environment for everyone.

Roenicke stated that there will be “no opting out”, and this means that everyone must follow these rules with no exceptions.

 I think that the rule about the headphones is not so great because listening to music is a really good way to help some people focus while doing their work. Although I do enjoy listening to music while I’m working, I don’t necessarily hate the rule, because I think it helps with keeping everyone focused throughout the day.

Throughout the school year so far, I’ve seen some teachers who are kind of lenient with the headphones rule.  In my geometry class, we are allowed to listen to music with only one earbud in while doing our work. Other teachers are more on the strict side, not allowing headphones at all like the new rule states.

This year teachers have become more strict with hoods. Hoods have always seemed to be a problem in school, but this year it has been different. I’ve seen multiple teachers telling students to take their hood off, and I think it’s been working out well so far. As the school year goes on, I’ve hardly seen anyone wearing a hood around campus. 

It’s really important for students to keep their hoods off on school grounds, especially if there were to be any sort of emergency. For example, if there was a student wearing their hood at school, and we were to go into a lockdown, nobody would be able to see who they are. I like this rule because I think it helps with safety here at our school.

Although these new rules may not make everyone particularly happy, I think these rules are OK and should continue to be used in upcoming years.