Welcoming equity club to the GJHS campus


GJHS is proud to welcome a new club on campus! Equity club, run by Mrs. Spillane, Mrs. Gutierrez and Mrs. Mah-Withers, is going to meet every Friday at lunch in Mrs. Spillane’s room to discuss various issues in our community: primarily racism, homophobia, and personal identity.

“I think it starts by just becoming comfortable talking about issues connected to racism and identity, and learning how to spot acts of microaggressions and learning how to respond in a way that is respectful,” said club sponsor Christine Spillane.

Spillane explained that the Equity Club was inspired by the Palisade Equity council. They believe that meeting every week to discuss important issues related to equity in various forms will help to spot and combat prejudice. 

“My own identity revolving around being queer and just wanting to learn how to be a better ally… and also changing the culture in our school,” said member Raine Foor in response to why she joined.

Zachary Kent, another member, believes that the club should exist in order to establish rules and make people understand that judgement based on color is never acceptable. 

The club will be reading through the book “This Book is Anti-Racist” by Tiffany Jewell. 

The club received a grant to buy copies for members of the club. 

“This sort of initial baby steps with diversity league, but I really saw it as an opportunity to start something like that here,” said Spillane. 

Anyone who thinks that they would like to do what they can to make a difference in our community, or wants to become more involved and educated should talk to Mrs. Spillane, Mrs. Gutierrez, or Mrs. Mah-Withers and consider joining the GJHS equity club.