OPINION: Home work at home?

The homework at home experience does not end well


Maddy Parkhurst

Orange and Black staff member Eli Schultz sits at his computer. Students who do school at home often rely on Chromebooks to get their work done.

There has been Homework, and then there has been “Homework.”

The first one refers to work assigned by the teacher to do at home; the other is that extra work at home because you didn’t finish at school.

For the last couple of weeks I have not been able to be at school. I recently had to get surgery on my foot. So I did most of my work on Google Classroom and via printing out the work and completing it.

Keeping up with regular school work at home is a very difficult challenge. This was kinda similar to the Covid-19 experience. The difference from the Covid-19 experience is that the teachers had to teach all students online. For me, the teachers couldn’t help me a lot because I was one student.

The Google Classroom is either very easy to use or very hard, with nothing in between. Sometimes my assignments would pop up immediately, while others would pop up four hours after I was done with doing school work for the day. 

But this is not to discredit the teachers at all. My teachers tried their best keeping me up with what they were doing in class.

Learning at school is way better than learning at home. The hardest class for me was math. Mostly because I would have to figure out how to print off   work from the classroom but I would have no idea what we were doing that day. 

If you have a question at school, you can just ask the teacher and get your answer. If you have a question at home you either Google the answer, email your teacher, which can take a while for the teacher to get back, or you ask your parents and they might not know.

Getting assignments done is also not the same as actually learning. And the main point of school is to learn, not just copy information we don’t understand.

Most students want to have days off from school and I would agree. However, I learned that I would much rather do school at school than doing school at home.

There was another thing that I missed from school: I missed being able to hang out with my friends and teachers. Online school is just not the same.