She’s a Ghana

GJHS teacher McCune goes to Ghana for a teaching experience


Maddy Parkhurst

GJHS teacher Mariah McCune instructs students in her AP Lang class. McCune is in Ghana as part of a Fulbright program.

Mariah Mccune was recently accepted to go to Ghana and learn how the different schools teach in africa.

McCune has been a teacher here at Grand Junction High School and she teaches different Comp Lit. classes  and humanities class out in the 800 building. McCune left Saturday March fourth and won’t be back until March 18.

Ghana is a small country off the Ivory Coast of Africa. McCune applied for a  program called Fulbright Teacher Exchange, and she chose the pathway called Teacher for Global Classrooms.

“I will be going into a number of different schools to observe how they teach, what they teach, and get a feel for that during the first week,” McCune said.

She will be going around to different schools both public and private to meet the different principles. During her second week she will also teach a class, and meet with the Guinean minister of education.

She was given a full ride scholarship that was awarded by the US Department of the State, and it recognizes outstanding teachers. Once she was awarded this scholarship she was also given a letter that tells her what country she will be going to.

McCune said, “I really hope to connect our school, community and students with the other students in Ghana and make a partnership that is going to last well beyond this year and maybe into the new building.”

In order for McCune to go on this trip she had to be a k-12 teacher and also have a master degree, and be able to teach in a school that fit the requirements for this program.