Fall preview concert set for Tuesday, Sept. 29


Izzy Corneli

Orchestra students practice on stage for the upcoming preview concert.

With COVID-19, everything is changing. And concerts are no exceptions. This year’s fall preview concert is Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. and looks totally different.


“I’m glad that we get the chance to do a performance, even though it’s going to be different than we’re used to,” Brad Hirsh, choir teacher, said. 


The choir department had to shift their performance considerably. 

“Usually [the audience] would all be seated in the auditorium watching the show,” Hirsh says, about the new performance structure. “Instead, this fall [the performing arts teachers] decided to try something new. We’re doing our preview concert on the band field.” 


Each choir pre-recorded a video of them performing their song, and those videos will be projected on the auxiliary gym wall. 


“I’m just glad we can do performances honestly,” Corran Gandy, sophomore choir student, said. 


Many students were also relieved that they could do a concert at all. 


“I’m excited [for the preview concert] but I’m also really scared because it’ll be my first time performing in front of an audience,” Emi Black, sophomore color guard member, said. 


This will be the marching band’s first performance of the year, and with only two practices a week, it can be stressful to perform so soon. 


Because of COVID-19 and the regulations surrounding that, many of the performances have been canceled and students and teachers are missing out on a lot.


“I miss being able to perform live,” Hirsh said. “I’m bummed that we probably won’t be able to do our normal holiday show this year. I’m bummed that the fall honor choir that usually takes place over at CMU is canceled all together.”


 “I really wanted a competition season” Black said, and Gandy will miss being able to get up in front of a live audience.


But with the bad there is also good. 


“Because we’re recording it, we can do several takes and splice the best ones together so we can get the best run,” Gandy said. 


Hirsh said changes in practice have also been positive. Instead of students meeting in person for sectionals, during lunch or after school, section leaders assign students the practice goals that they record at home and turn in on google classroom, he said.


 “I have the time to learn what I’m doing without the pressure of competition,” Black said about marching bands more relaxed schedule.  


The preview concert is on Tuesday, September 29 at 7 p.m. To attend you can either park your car and watch the concert like a drive in movie, or bring a blanket and watch from the band field. 


“It’s a little wonky, but I think with what we’re going through right now, I think it’ll be really cool,” Gandy said.