Theatre Update

Due to the CoronaVirus, we are unable to have live performances, what does that mean for live performance based clubs, like theatre?


The theatre program shifted and adapted to adhere to the guidelines. And instead of a fall play, they are having a film festival. Students have the opportunity to act, direct, or be tech for these short films. 


Theatre is open to everyone. Even if you don’t have prior theatre experience or are taking a theatre class. 


Students can also write their own (school appropriate) script. The films will be shown in December so students have plenty of time to perfect their film. Scripts must be approved by theatre teacher, Audrey Neumiller and be school appropriate. All student written scripts are due by Sept. 18. 


According to Neumiller, here’s a breakdown on all you need to know to be a part of the program. 



Auditions will look a little different this year and are due Sept. 11.. Students will upload a video of their audition to a shared flipgrid. Neumiller said students should follow this template for their video. 


  • The video should start with you introducing yourself, then saying what you would like to do (acting, tech, directing or any combo), and your grade.
  • Then, you will recite a monologue of your choosing. A monologue is a long speech by one actor in a play or movie.
  • You can perform any monologue you like, as long as it’s school appropriate and approximately one minute. 
  • The monologue can be any genre you think fits you best. 
  • If you’re stumped and cannot find a monologue, Neumiller (room 124) can help.
  • End the video with a professional looking photo of you. 


Actors will be cast by the directors for their films. Actors will be expected to memorize the lines that they are given and show up to rehearsals for their specific film. 



Directors will be expected to pick their show, cast their show, and help their team produce a great product. Directors will coordinate their specific teams, meetings, costumes, props, and film times. 



Tech will be in charge of lights, sound, editing, costumes, and props or working with the camera crew. 


Rehearsals for all parts will be dependent on when your specific film team is available to practice/shoot.  


Neumiller said students can participate in a tentative max of three films. They may be any combination of the roles. 


For complete information join their Band app (look up Band app on the app store) The name is “GJHS Drama,” and to be accepted you need to answer a question. Neumiller will need to approve you to join the Band group. It may take a few days, so don’t worry! The link to the flipgrid is on the band for easy access.