How the Seniors at GJHS are Feeling

It’s that time of the year. The winter weather is beginning to fade away and the warm weather is entering. The spring flowers are starting to bloom. Spring sports have begun. For some of us, this is the best time of the year. Seniors especially. 

As we all know COVID-19 has taken an unexpected toll on our lives as seniors.
“So far things I’ve been most excited about have been ruined. It doesn’t make me feel like a senior anymore sometimes,” senior, Sydney Chitwood said. 

Senior Prom, seniors nights, baccalaureate, and even graduation have either been postponed or cancelled. These events are things that people look forward to their whole life. Sadly these times are being stripped away from us. 

“It sucks because for having 13 years of schooling and waiting for this moment for it only to be postponed and less special in a way,” senior, Caid Lopez said. 

On top of all this sadness that the seniors have been filled with they must maintain their grades through online school. Something a lot of us have never done before. Our lives all have changed in ways we had no idea they would. 

“It’s been hard. I have been struggling meeting deadlines and keeping up with schoolwork because I don’t have a set schedule anymore,” Chitwood said. 

The question that stands now is what’s next? The most difficult thing about the Corona Virus is that nobody knows the answer to that question. We all have nothing to look forward to. 

We all feel like our lives are at a stand still right now and it has affected everyone in different ways. For some of us it is mental health or not knowing when our next meal will be or not knowing if your family will be able to get through this decline in income. Our community is being introduced to a whole new type of stress and we aren’t sure how to get through it. 

“For upcoming seniors, cherish every moment. You never know what’s going to happen. Love your senior year and have fun with it,” Chitwood said. “Make friends with people in your classes and cherish your teachers. Be glad and thankful for every moment.” 

This is a time for seniors to come together and help one another through a hard time like this. Students at Grand Junction high school are all going through the same thing. You are not alone. 

Just because we can’t experience our last moments doesn’t mean we can’t experience our firsts. We have so much time ahead of us and so many memories awaiting. Push through hard times like now and it will all be worth it.