No Shave November

The journey of two teachers shaving and regrowing their beards for the month of November.

November is a popular time to stop or limit something from your life, whether that means no soda for the month or letting your hair grow, No (Blank) November means something different to everyone.
Joe Graham and Sean Henry, art teachers, decided to take the No Shave November route. On November 2nd the two shaved their beards to see how long they could grow them out in the month of November.
Henry is well known for his styled beard so it was a surprise for many students when he showed up to school with a clean shaven face.
“The competition started because Mr. Graham thought it would be funny to get me to shave my beard,” Henry said. “We can’t shave and we have to focus real hard on growing.”
“The winner has to buy the other one corn dogs,” Graham said.