2019 Naturalization Ceremony

Twenty-nine people became U.S. citizens at a naturalization ceremony Wednesday at Grand Junction High School’s auditorium.


The citizenship candidates came from 12 different countries.


United States Magistrate Judge Gordon P. Gallagher officiated the oath.


“We have a lot of debate and dispute in our country about what it means to immigrate,” Gallagher said to the audience. “Most of the time, it’s because of people…our customs, laws, and way of life.”


Sheryl Fitzgerald spoke on behalf of the Daughters of the American Revolution and congratulated the new citizens.


“You have become a part of ‘We the People,’” she said.


Rosa Gonzalez was one of the 29 people who were granted citizenship.


“This is the country that gave me the opportunity to be who I am,” she said.


Students from GJHS, Independence Academy and Pomona elementary attended the event.


Additional reporting by Paola Caro-Gaspar, Shelby Duncan, Maddie Hawks, Julie Knestis and Emeri Nelson