Teacher’s Need Sick Days Too

What are teachers supposed to do when they can't find a sub?


Mason Toth

We’ve all had a class with a teacher where the teacher seems to be off task or doing nothing at all. This type of class environment can lead to a lot of off task work. What would GJHS do if teachers that are sick or on vacation didn’t have available substitute teachers to cover their absence? Many times if this happens teachers must come to school even if they aren’t up to it. This important question seems to linger in the hallways of our school without a real solution.

There are days when teachers decide to leave for vacation or are sick. We as a school district have alternatives such as having administration teach to chaperone the students making sure that they’re getting their work done. However, Administrators have their own jobs too.

“From an administrative perspective if there was a substitute on call that would be the easiest route to take, there’s definitely much administrative teachers to step in… for example, maybe the elective teachers could step in and supervise the class to make sure they’re doing their class work,.” Joey Santa Maria, junior, said.

Administration has been utilized in the past. This has proved to be one of the main alternatives if no substitute teachers are available in the school district to assist these absent teachers.

“Have other staff members cover for that person,.”Justin Whiteford a Social Studies teacher at GJHS, said.

Having administration or other staff members seems to be one of the only realistic alternatives or solutions for covering a teacher if a district substitute is not present. GJHS would need a certified professional that would be able to take on the class regarding the teacher’s absence.