Trip Q&A

Do you have a love for travel, a need to explore? Lucky GJHS has many trips around the world that you can join.

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Trip Q&A

Sheldon Peterson

Sheldon Peterson

Sheldon Peterson

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Megan Read, English teacher

June 2020

“We’re going to Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and Poland.  We are going to go to some of the major cities that have a lot of World War II history a lot of just twentieth century history in general with a combination of some of the cool classical architecture that was cool in the 1800s in Central Europe. We are going to Vienna specifically because it is kind of the music capital of Europe, so we are going to go see some concerts with the orchestra there.  There are lots of castles there. We are going to go see what’s left of the Berlin Wall so it’s kind of a mix of old and new so it’s going to be really cool. [We are taking] around 30 students.” Ms. Read, teacher, said.


Mark Cariss, Social Studies teacher

Spring Break 2020

“Generally with China we arrive in Beijing.  On that trip we will visit the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace, as well as see some performances, and explore the city itself.  We [also] go to Xi’an and the highlight of that will be seeing the Terracotta Warriors, but also see the city wall itself which is amazing. There is also the Muslim Quarter which is a great ethnic region in the city that is very vibrant and lively with its culture.  Next we go to Shanghai which I’ve always described as a combination of Las Vegas and New York. We would visit a 2,000 foot tall tower that they have there as well as visit other gardens…and temples.” Mr. Caris, teacher, said.


Jodee Cronk


“We’re going all over France and then into Northern Italy to see Milan.  On these trips we do a little bit of everything. The trips are usually twelve days long and we only stay at a hotel for a maximum of two nights, so we are moving around quite a bit.  We will fly into Paris and travel North and visit Normandy and the D-day beaches and then go through the Loire Valley and visit a lot of the castles that are there.” Ms. Cronk, teacher, said.  


Costa Rica

From informational flyer

March 16 to March 25, 2019

This trip begins by flying into San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.  The group will explore San Jose then move onto Sarapiqui and go on kayaking tours and see red-eyed tree frogs at night.  Next, they travel to Arenal to visit a hot springs and potentially go on a mountain bike tour. The group will then move on to Rincon de la Vieja to go horseback riding or an go zip lining.  Finally, the group will travel to Guanacaste to visit a beach and go whitewater rafting.

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