Stomping a Stigma: November Campaign

Zach Shettler, Promotions Director

Stomping a Stigma: The November Campaign

To love others you must first love yourself.  That is one of the main messages that student council raised awareness for through the November Campaign.

Student council hosted events and passed out special bracelets to promote the November Campaign and its message.

“The goal is to inspire self-worth and self-appreciation in our school community.  We want people to be comfortable acknowledging their insecurities and to be able to find the strength in them,” said Royanna Crawford, head girl.

Self-worth is an important trait to have.  It helps motivate you, give you confidence, and allows you to have a positive attitude.  Student Council passed out purple bracelets with the hopes that students would wear them all month not only to support the November Campaign, but also as a reminder to love yourself.

“Student Council wanted to spread this message because its importance stretches far beyond our high school.  Everyone deserves to feel happy in their own skin and can gain confidence from learning to love themselves,” said Royanna Crawford.

Hopefully students have taken the message of the November Campaign and can carry that with them for the rest of the school year.