The Ovens are Hot

Annika Sisac, Reporter

The ovens are hot and the stakes are set high, last Thursday the GJHS Catering Student’s skills will be put to the test at the Food Truck Throw Down.

It’s an exciting event where great food can be enjoyed by teachers and students, but it is also the Catering Student’s final exam. The hardest part of the project was not the cooking, according to Mrs. Campbell-Wilson.

The hardest part was “probably just the organization of it and the different aspects to get to this point. They had to do research, cost of different ingredients and pitch to the administration for money,” Mrs. Campbell-Wilson, said.

The students had to have a Menu, advertising, a food truck design and a profit breakdown.

“They had to put together an employee hand book like what you would get at a job and they had to put together investor letters to the administration,” Campbell-Wilson, said.

At the event students and teachers were able to enjoy the master pieces that these Catering Students worked so hard on. Not only did these students slave away in the kitchen, but they also worked hard to piece together their projects from the bottom up.