How to Heat Up a Holiday

Aspen Leman, Guest Reporter

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In Grand Junction, not everyone is lucky enough to spend a winter around the fireplace with hot cocoa. In an attempt to make everyone’s holiday a little bit cozier, here’s a heart warming idea.

A new trend is taking place in the country right now, and bringing it to Grand Junction will simply require some kindness.

There are 309 homeless students in our district and many more people are adding to that number. Many are unable to provide winter-wear for themselves or their families. To combat this, please bring in any new, light used or re-gifted scarves to Mrs. Casey’s room, #140. With these scarves, they have a chance to stay warm.

Grand Junction winter temperatures average 27.4. In this frigid weather, warm clothing is necessary. A scarf can make all the difference and make a cold day into a good day.

The donated scarves will be tied/hung on trees, on poles, around signs, etc. You might see a woven or colorful scarf tied up somewhere unusual. Do not question the placement or the item, but instead know it will be put to good use.

Homeless, displaced, and transient people often spend the day outside even if they sleep at a shelter. Just think of the scarves as holiday gifts, wrapping our needy in warm hugs. A note will be attached to every scarf, saying it’s not lost, but instead looking for a new home.

In leaving a scarf, comfort is given. In taking a scarf, the realization is made that people do truly care about others. And in both instances, comfort and kindness are shared among the community.

Share the trend and continue spreading warmth for the holidays. Read the notes left with the scarves and embrace the kindness and hope of this season.

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