The Guest Speaker with a Few Tricks Up Her Sleeve

Annika Sisac, Reporter

Students sulk when the news of a an assembly with a guest speaker get’s around. But Tanya Crevier impressed the GJHS student body as she spun basket balls while doing push ups and balanced a ball on a pole as tall as the gym to dunk it into the hoop for a win.

Her tricks weren’t the only thing that inspired the crowds. She motivated the students to tackle their dreams.

“I just came to lift the kids up today and challenge them to make good choices. I want them to set goals and go after their passions,” Tanya Crevier, guest speaker, said.

Crevier played college basketball in the past but her skills took her farther than she could ever imagine scoring her the chance on America’s Got Talent.

“Champions choose the difficult path,” Crevier said, “They have work ethic, high values  and treat other people how they want to be treated. It just takes a lot of effort that way, but champions always rise to the top.”

Crevier really showed what champions can accomplish through hard work and dedication this past Nov 13th  making GJHS students leave the gym with aspirations for the future.