Editorial: We need a new school

In March, we published our special issue investigating the condition of GJHS. For our third issue, we have solely focused on the building of Grand Junction High School, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This issue is one that you all have been waiting for; the past two months have been strict research, broadening varieties of interviews, and handfuls of stories to fit the criteria of this issue.

Though it has taken longer to hit the press than our previous issues, we as a staff believe this paper has been worth the wait. As rumors spark about the future of our school, the Orange and Black reporters, photographers, and editors have come together to answer many of your questions about what really goes on behind the walls of GJHS.

Not only do we focus on the physical structure of our school, but we also touch base on the comments and concerns about Grand Junction High School from other high school principals, district leaders, school administrators, health and safety experts in the Grand Valley.

The bottom line is, Grand Junction High School needs a face lift﹘in fact, an entire bone reconstruction to say at the least. In a world of ever-changing technology and culture, GJHS has paid its dues, fitting the needs for students enrolled over 30 years ago. Through the numerous entrances to its branched buildings, crumbling sewer systems, failing walls and roof, we hope this special issue makes the true and classified colors of GJHS finally visible.

It is an impossible goal to want a new school immediately, so what do we do in the meantime? In order to build a clean culture in this school everyone has a part they must fulfill. Everyone here needs to throw their trash away. When you eat in a classroom, make sure you do not leave your food out. If you see trash around campus take an extra five seconds out of your day to pick it up and dispose it. Once we reach a point where students have respect for our school, then we will make greater attempts to keep it polished.

We need a new school, plain and simple. The teachers and faculty of GJHS have done a tremendous job of advocating for a new building, and for that, we as a staff commend them for their ongoing efforts. While the adults can only do so much, it is ultimately up to US as STUDENTS to break the silence. Through this issue, we as a staff show the Grand Valley WHY we need a new and improved Grand Junction High School.

The Orange and Black staff wants you to understand from reading the following that students and administrators live most of our waking hours in this crumbling school. We promise you that it is worth your money to help build a new GJHS. You will be saving 1769 young adults’ educations. We also want our readers to see that we deserve a new and improved school, so please let us be heard. Give us a new school!

Luke Aubert & Madi Martinez (Editors-in-Chief)