Naturalization Ceremony returning to GJHS

Citizenship Ceremony to be held in GJHS Auditorium


Photo by Miah Hines

Grand Junction High School will hold a naturalization ceremony Oct. 25 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., during 5th period in the auditorium.

For many years GJHS has held a naturalization ceremony for people to become U.S. citizens. The last time the school was able to hold this ceremony was in Fall of 2019. 

GJHS social studies teacher Justin Whiteford looks forward to seeing people become U.S. citizens.

“I look forward to seeing the emotions, energy, and passion of people becoming U.S. citizens,” Whiteford said.

Grand Junction High School is the only high school in the valley to hold a naturalization ceremony.

“Having the ceremony here at Grand Junction High School shows that GJHS really supports and promotes diversity and promotes and supports people exercising their rights in this country to be a US citizen,” Whiteford said.

Students are able to attend if they get permission from their teacher. Forms from social studies teachers must be completed to be on the prearranged attendance list.

Students must be dressed for success to attend and must be on time. The ceremony may go into 6th period. Students can’t leave in the middle of the ceremony and if students show up late they will be sent back to class.