Battle of the Bands coming to GJHS

New student-lead event begins Sept. 9


Becca Nedohon

GJHS senior Angelo Pilato is planning a new event called Battle of the Bands.

A brand new student-lead open mic event will be happening in the commons on Sept. 9.

Organized by Grand Junction High School senior Angelo Pilato, Battle of the Bands will be next week in the commons, with the goal to hold one every other Friday after that. 

“We have an incredibly musically-driven school, and an open mic would be something students and staff can enjoy, and liven up the commons,” said Pilato. 

Pilato has been playing the guitar for years, and has been heavily influenced by music. 

“I wanted to bring more community to our school, more fun and more entertainment,” said Pilato. 

Pilato has three surprise songs he plans to play for Battle of the Bands. 

There is no organized competition, the name is mostly for marketing and getting the word out. Pilato hopes that Battle of the Bands will be a good opportunity for new musicians to share their music, make music together, and meet like-minded students.