Athlete Q & A with Parker Stanfield

Parker Stanfield 


Soccer & Cross Country & Lacrosse


Q: How was it trying to practice in the 100 degree weather and bad air quality?

A: It’s been hard, and we’ve already had a few practices cancelled. I had to run a couple days ago and the smoke was really unbearable. My eyes and my nose were burning.


Q: How did COVID-19 affect any summer camps or practices?

A: Nothing was really affected by COVID because it was already in the summer and nothing was really in season but I did practice like twice a week for lacrosse.


Q: Are you worried about the spring sports getting pushed back or getting cancelled again? 

A:I was looking forward to playing this fall but it gave me time to join the cross country team this year.  And I just hope there will be a season in the spring. 


Q:  Do you have any hopes for upcoming seasons?

A: For cross country I’m trying to run a sub 18-minute 5k, and in soccer I’m gonna be the goalie this season, so I’m hoping to finish with a winning record this season. And for lacrosse I hope to average 3 points a game.