Let’s Get Creative

Learn how to draw with Lily Echanove.


COVID-19 has brought on a new lifestyle for many people around the world. Many have felt as if they have more time on their hands and with the stay at home order it can be challenging to think of safe things to do. You might find yourself bored after you’ve watched and re-watched every season on Netflix, or cooked the same couple of meals for the last month. Do not fear, students have submitted tutorials to share with you what they are doing at home.

Lily Echanove, sophomore, is skilled in the art of drawing fluidly. She captures abstract and surreal with each stroke of her pencil.

“I like drawing because anyone can do it,” Echanove said. “As long as you have an open mind, anything you draw can look really cool.”

She gets her inspiration from Vberkvlt and Leon Karssen.

“They do what they want and I admire that,” Echanove said.

Although Echanove has her art to keep her busy and her sister to hangout with during quarantine, she still misses her friends from school.

“I miss social outings mostly,” she said. “I was looking forward to going to prom with my friends since it was gonna be their last prom.”