Happy Quarantine; Workout With Kole Arellano

COVID-19 has brought on a new lifestyle for many people around the world. Many have felt as if they have more time on their hands and with the stay at home order it can be challenging to think of safe things to do. You might find yourself bored after you’ve watched and re-watched every season on Netflix, or cooked the same couple of meals for the last month. Do not fear, students have submitted tutorials to share with you what they are doing at home.

Kole Arellano a senior at GJHS created a workout tutorial so you can follow his at home exercise sequence. Classics such as pushups, squats and core are included in this video. You might just find yourself looking and feeling your best after following along to his workout.

“I exercise cause its something to do and I enjoy it a lot,” Arellano said. “My favorite statement I’ve heard is ’embrace the suck,’ and I like to apply that to working out and making myself stronger physically and mentally.”

Arellano missed out on his senior lacrosse season and a lot of great opportunities to be with his friends and teammates.

“I miss the bonding between teammates and great memories we make,” he said.

Arellano is looking forward to attending CMU and WCCC to get an associates degree in applied science and welding in the fall.