Academic Team Assembly

Abi Brunson
Academic Team poses for team photo with new trophy.

Last week on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, there was an assembly to celebrate the championship of the Academics Team. Cody Shawcraft hosts the Academic Team in room 212.

“I was bored freshman year and another teacher pushed me to do it,” Anthony Booth said when asked why he joined. “The benefits of joining the academics team are it looks good on college applications and it’s a really great community and competition,” Booth said.

The Academic Team is a way to become apart of a team or have a group to belong to. The Academic Team is a great place for students who want to expand their knowledge outside of school.

“I was apart of the challenge program in middle school at East. A teacher there suggested that I join the academic team at Junction and I have been a part of the team ever since,” Amanda Gordon said. Gordon said that the team is like a home and that coach Shawcraft makes sure they do their best. “If anyone is interested in joining, you can join at any time. It’s open to everyone,” Gordon said.

Being able to join the Academic Team, no matter who you are, allows students to make more friends. The benefits of the Academic Team stretch way beyond just the learning.

“Sports aren’t really my thing and I heard about the cool trips,” Parker Stacy said when asked about why he joined. The team allowed Stacy to make friends and learn more just by playing the game. “I think people make it sound really nerdy, but it’s a lot cooler than it sounds,” Stacy said.