NHS Induction Ceremony

It’s that time of year where clubs and organizations change staffers with graduating seniors. Last Thursday, the National Honors Society inducted a new president, vice president, treasurer, and historian. For the 2019-2020 school year, Kate Hayde has been elected as president, Nick Burke as vice-president, Mia Brygger as historian, and Lizzette Gonzalez as treasurer.

“I’m excited to go into my senior year with responsibilities and to be an even bigger part of this organization (NHS). I’m excited to see where we as a team of officers can take NHS in the upcoming year and what goals we can set and accomplish,” Kate Hayde, president, said.

With the new members also inducted last Thursday, the new team of NHS officers are excited to see how they can take this club of public service and volunteering to the next level.

Being fresh inductees, the new team of NHS officers are confident in their abilities to work together as a team.

“I have known all of the new officers since freshman year, two of them already before that so I am comfortable with them already. This makes me confident that we will make a great team because it won’t be difficult together,” Mia Brygger, historian, said. Brygger, having known two of the officers since before high school, believes they will all make a good team.

The new officers are optimistic for the year to come and hope to hold up to the standards the previous officers have left behind.

“The previous NHS officers have left big shoes for us to fill. They all served as great role models to me personally and I hope that we will make them proud,” said Hayde.

The previous officers were Jaedyn Nishiya as president, Luke Aubert as vice president, Kylee Sheikh as treasurer, and Makayla Moran as historian.

“This group of officers will bring great things to NHS. We are so proud of them, and are so excited to see the things they’ll accomplish this upcoming year,” Jaedyn Nishiya, former president, said.

If you see the new officers in the halls, be sure to congratulate them on their new positions, and wish them luck for the year to come!