Guilty or Not

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Guilty or Not

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From memorizing rules of evidence to learning courtroom etiquette, GJHS’s Mock Trial teams have wrapped up their season. Placing 4th and 5th in regionals, they can now hang up their coats and look forward to another case for next year’s Mock Trial season.

“I’m proud of them. I think they did a good job, we have tough region, we have two of the state’s best programs in our region. It is very hard to finish high,” Mr. Carris, head coach, said.

Mr. Carris has been helping with Mock trial for 19 years.

“I oversee any of the coaching positions, really what I do is help with witnesses,” Carris said.

The Mock Trial crew consists of attorneys, a timekeeper, and witnesses. All roles help the team achieve victory.

“We have to study our affidavits and know what the story is and then we get up on the stand and attorneys from the other team will come up and ask us questions, and we have to improvise, and know exactly how the story went in order to get points” Addison Bradshaw, Sophomore, said.

Even though everyone wants to be the attorney, Mock trial needs a lot of help from all roles in a court case. There wouldn’t be evidence and argument if no one was there to witness it. But of course it all comes up to teamwork.

“I think we have a really bright future ahead for the program , it is unfortunate that I am leaving,” Zeron Lawson, Senior and team captain, said.

“It was really fun I just really enjoyed all of them and getting to know them, and I wouldn’t have any other team” Bradshaw said.

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