Do Teachers Care?

With an ever changing environment at Grand Junction High School, Teachers are trying to learn and keep up. Teachers observing other teachers and student surveys are ways to communicate with teachers but are they really paying attention?  

Times have changed over the years and having many veteran teachers can be a good thing and a bad thing, but one of the most important qualities in teaching is connecting with their students.

According to Mr. Skinner, a 20 year teacher, says  the big thing is technology.

From printing everything to using overhead projectors, times have certainly changed in the field of teaching with technology. Ms. Nelms who teaches primarily with computers has changed a of techniques due to technology. For some teachers it’s a good thing, but for others it doesn’t affect their field as much. Math being one of these fields, teachers such as Mr. Hurni went from teaching directly from the book, but was quick to realize that it’s not as effective.

According to Beau Thornton, senior, he feels that teachers should teach and not push play on a slideshow and actually get up there and connect with their students.

Connecting with students can be a bit of a hill to climb because its almost impossible, according to Mr. Hurni. In the past, students would fill out a survey to see what teachers need to change, however these surveys have become flawed. Most teachers wouldn’t look at them.

 “I haven’t taken anything from the surveys,” Mr. Meinhart, math teacher said, “It’s not a simple random sample so its invalid.”

The Schools have since then changed it and most of the teachers interviewed liked the survey from the past. The new surveys deal with the school in general. This seems like a good idea to tell parents what school is best for their students but it does nothing for the teachers.

“You don’t know how to personally take it,” Mr. Skinner said.

Many teachers get nothing from it, so the take it into their own hands, much like Ms. Miller.

“What’s more valuable to me is when I’m teaching and I ask the students,” Ms. Miller said.

According to Sam Adamson, Senior, at the end of the day it’s the teachers jobs to connect with their students. And Ms. Nelms believes that Adamson’s point can only be achieved when teachers meet the needs and wants that exist.

Meeting students wants and needs seems to be the biggest quest for teachers, but it’s simply impossible.

“It’s been the number one thing in education and its been that way since day one,” Mr. Skinner said.

This goes without saying that they try. Moving from class to class teachers change up there styles to fit with the students. Some classes are further on in the subjects so the teachers, according to Mr. Skinner, can get more out of the upper levels.

Many teachers are trying and are making an active effort to change and adapt to the student’s ever so changing wants from there teachers, because as Mr. Meinhart Puts it “One size doesn’t fit all.”