Kindness is Contagious Week

Being kind is not telling someone they have spinach in their teeth so they are not embarrassed. Being kind is telling someone they have spinach in their teeth because you care about them and are trying to spare them the embarrassment.

Last week, GJHS participated in Kindness is Contagious (KIC) week. KIC week focuses on spreading awareness and encourages people throughout  the community to make kind choices. That’s why the GJHS student council along with the student councils of other high schools across the valley, organized different events all week to spread awareness of kindness through high schools and the community.

Alex Canela said that this is the 4th annual year participating in KIC week and they are looking forward to next year. She also said that all the events get a lot of participation.

Ellah Hall, a freshman, said that it is important to spread kindness because a lot of people don’t think about being kind, especially in a high school setting. She loved the guest speaker on Thursday morning who talked to us about valuing people.

“I thought it was great because usually speakers make more of a speech but he kept our attention the whole time,” Hall said.  She also said that because he shared some of his hardest experiences with students , it wasn’t just empty words floating through students’ heads.

KIC week is not just contained in high schools, but it is a community wide event. It’s just one of many steps that students at GJHS are involved in to create a stronger community.