Shelter in Place

On Wednesday, February 6th, Grand Junction High School was called into shelter and place during the third period block.  According to a school SRO, Jason Evans, the shelter and place lasted around 45 minutes with ten police officers and two canines.  

“We are required to do a drill and it coincided with an opportunity to do a canine sniff of the school.” Jason Evans, SRO, said.

Evans stated that the school wanted to do a canine search of the school due to an increase of phone calls to the school that referenced the use of drugs.  When asked if anything was found during the sniff today, Evans stated that he could not disclose any information this early.

While the drill is important, it did have an effect on students who were arriving on campus.  

“I was coming back from WCCC and saw a bunch of cops in the parking lot,”  Kate Hayde, junior, said. “An administrator came up to my car and told my to get to class.  Since I didn’t have one, she let me leave campus.”

Stay tuned for updates.