Q&A with Mrs. Neumiller

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Q&A with Mrs. Neumiller

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Q: What classes are you providing this semester?

A: So I have my second hour as a study hall, Third hour is a regular play production class, my fourth hour is an advanced theatre arts class, my fifth is an advanced play production class, my sixth is another play production class, and my seventh hour is my advanced acting class, and I have a musical theatre class.

Q: What’s the difference between a normal and advanced class?

A: For theatre arts class, in the regular theatre arts class we go through the history of theatre and we talk about ancient Greek to commedia dell’arte, shakespeare, and we go up through different countries like Japanese theatre. When we get to advanced theatre arts, we look at more film based and how to analyze theatre. They get to start looking at their own plays and they get a little more ownership of their own work, writing, and analyzing. For play production we help with all the plays and they learn how to build and all those basic skills of building, painting, and designing. For advanced play production they pick one large project they get to work on and they work an that independently. It is more like a college course where I get to help them guide their own individual projects, and they get to teach the rest of the advanced play production class those skills they are doing. And I am also having an advanced acting class. At beginning acting they learn all the basics and in advanced acting they should take all those things they learned in beginning acting and put on a play and more. So they can work as a team and ensemble and a community of theatre where they can put those skills to work.

Q: Why are you having spring show only be allowed for advanced acting.

A: Because we push the musical till march, so then in order to have a good show we would either have to start in april and try to do an entire show in a month which causes a lot of stress on students, but instead what I would like to do is with the advanced acting class, is instead of having people perform for no reason, it will give us an outlet to start performing and work during the school day. It also gives those students a time to maybe involved in sports and other things in after school an opportunity to perform and get that chance to be on stage because it is super important every kid gets that opportunity.

Q: Why should students take theatre classes next year.

A: You should always take a theatre class because theatre class in general teaches you how to be human and empathize with the human experience. It teaches you art in a new way. We witness theatre on the T.V. all the time, we witness theatre on the stage, and people should know what goes into that because it is an important art form.

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