Have Yourself a Very Stressful Week Before Thanksgiving Break

*Editors Note: Reminder this a satire piece and the story below is not real. This is a parody and a dramatized version of events.

Thanksgiving Break is fast approaching and the students at Grand Junction High School get a whole week off.  The upcoming break, however, worries teachers about their students forgetting the material taught in their classes while they are at break.  One teacher, who has chosen to remain nameless, has come up with their own solution to the problem.

“All my classes just finished units and there is only a few days left before break.  I don’t want to start a new unit so that these students forget everything after only a week, so I have decided to fit an entire unit into four days with a large test on the Friday before break begins.  Four days is totally enough time for students to properly learn. Like totally. More than enough time. I am expecting a lot of A’s on the test. It should not matter that units normally last two or more weeks.” the teacher said.

The teacher is very optimistic about the student’s test scores regardless of other factors in the lives of the students that may impair their test scores such as other classes that may have scheduled units to end in time for the break to begin.

“I could have given more time in our last unit so that the test ended on the friday before break, but why do that?  The unit I’m going to start teaching isn’t even part of the curriculum, I just didn’t want the students to have extra time before break.  I don’t know why more teachers don’t do this. Parents might be angry about their student’s bad grades from this unit, but frankly it’s the student’s fault for not spending six hours a night studying and learning the material,” the teacher said.