Spice Up Your Instagram

Your guide to an artsy Instagram feed.

In recent years, taking pictures for Instagram has become a popular trend amongst teenagers. As fall approaches, social media will be flooded with fall pictures. Scrolling through Instagram, you will see hundreds of photos of both girls and boys posing in pumpkin patches, posing in front of a white wall, or posing with coffee. These scenes are traditional and you see them year after year. Of course these locations are great, but there are many alternatives to the oh-so-basic locations like pumpkin patches, corn-mazes, and anywhere with changing leaves.



The first option for upgrading your pictures is instead of simply standing in the pumpkin patch smiling, try finding fall colors around town. Red, orange, or yellow accents will be sure to make your pictures stand out. Try to find a wall or other furniture that include these colors. Some other locations include: tennis courts, during a sunset or golden hour, empty parking lot, downtown, or even cuddled up at home.  


The second change to make is outfit choice. Rather than opting for the regular scarf, sweater, and boots, try stepping out of your comfort zone. Plaid, Doc Marten boots, and denim is very popular and will certainly make a difference in photos. If you are wearing patterns like plaid and stripes, posing in front of a more plain background will make your outfit pop more.


A lot of times, people will take photos from afar that include the background. Some of the most artsy shots are close-up. For fall, taking a close-up picture in the corn maze will be different and will bring out your inner model. Another way to make your instagram unique is to do something other than simply smiling or duck lips. Try smiling with your eyes, a more serious look, or go for a more silly vibe and stick your tongue out or throw up a peace sign.


A useful and free app that provides artsy filters is VSCO. If you want a more vintage look, increase the grain on your photo and dull the filter. This will provide a 90’s vibe.


Instagram is obviously the more popular app for photos. When posting, coming up with a caption is an important part of your feed. The caption should reflect your personality and be relevant to the photo. It can be humorous, serious, or simply use an emoji. Have fun with it!


Of course, there is nothing wrong with embracing basic locations, however, social media should always reflect your style and uniqueness. If you prefer the pumpkin patch and corn maze photos, then by all means, do it! However, if you want to show and capture your individuality try these tips and express your style.