Q & A with Kelsey Page

Junior, volleyball player Kelsey Page shows her enthusiasm to make this season one to remember.

October 23, 2018


A.S. : What does Volley Ball mean to you?

K.P. : Volley Ball means family and sharing a passion with a group of girls that I love to be around.

A.S. : What has been the most challenging part of the season so far?

K.P. : Probably knowing that our team has the potential to win but we don’t do a great job on acting on that potential.

A.S. : What do you miss the most about Coach Wells?

K.P. : I miss just having someone to be there for me on and off the court and just helping me develop my love for Volley Ball even more .

A.S. :  What is a goal you and your team are really going to work on this season?

K.P. : Our biggest goal is to start working as a team and we think that once we accomplish that it will improve our season.

A.S. : What was the biggest moment of the past Fruita game?

K.P. : Probably when Fruita had 24 points and were about to when and we had ten points but then we earned ten points and almost won.

A.S. : How are you and your team going to work harder in order to win games in the future?

K.P. : Well like I said we are going to try to work as a team even more and just really remember why we are playing volley ball and our passion for the game. We want to play with passion and a purpose.

A.S. : Do you think your team is going to improve this season?

K.P. : I think that we just need to find that switch, like the drive within ourselves. I think we need to find ourselves and start working together. I think when that happens that’s when we will become a better team.

A.S. : Who is your biggest competitor this season?

K.P. : I would say that our biggest competitor is ourselves. There is always going to be teams that our better than us but its up to us whether or not to show up and give them a run for their money.

A.S. : Can you recall any strong emotions from the Fruita game?

K.P. : I didn’t cry but I just remember going onto the court when we were about to start playing and I felt angry and empowered. I just really wanted to win that game. I felt like we could win the game and I just had a lot of drive.

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