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Hoco No Goes

Hoco No Goes

October 11, 2018

Even though school dances can be a magical place, not everyone feels that magic in the air. Many students saw themselves doing something else with their time, especially for homecoming, which is often overshadowed by prom.

“I’ve never had the desire to go, and probably never will,”Senior, Teresa Gandy said referring to her belief on how she sees Prom as way more of a thrill. But it is not just Prom that hurts Homecoming’s reputation. It also has to do with money. Even though it is not the most expensive dance, it still doesn’t exempt people from having to spend a few hundred dollars.

“I didn’t go because I don’t have the money for the dance, I have better things to spend my time and stress on.” Freshman, Kasper Owens, said when asked why he wasn’t going to Homecoming.

“Instead of going to the dance I hung out with my friends,” Owens said, “I thought it was better purely for the sake of it being less stressful.” So Owens like many went and hung out with others to chill out and feel more comfortable.

But there is another reason some people did not go. It’s the thing that holds most students from going to dances or doing anything, anxiety.

“I had a lot of anxiety when I was headed to the dance, and it just kept growing as the dance continued,” Freshman, Logan Martin said.

At the dance, the atmosphere was drowning for Martin. He could see and feel the people all around him, crowding in and rubbing against him. The smell of sweat and B.O. consumed him.. He could taste his tough salty lips that dried out like a desert from all the heat. And then internally his mind began to swim. Did he look ok? Was the couple in the corner judging him? Was his date having fun? All of these feelings and thoughts flooded into his brain sinking him deeper and deeper into anxiety.

“I probably won’t go again because it was a lot to take in.” Martin said.

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