Pictured here are the party animals that hang out with Jaden Hall during "party week". (Callie Shea)
Pictured here are the party animals that hang out with Jaden Hall during "party week".

Callie Shea

Party Week and the Importance of Friends

April 13, 2018

A long four hour drive to Salt Lake City, a long five days lying in a hospital bed, no sleep or eating and constantly getting sick, gets old and turns into a time of annoyance and depression.  Now, instead of that situation, it’s Party Week!

Now that I have been receiving cancer  treatment in Grand Junction, I am closer to my friends, the drive is 10 minutes from the house and the support here is stronger then ever. Party Week not only becomes a way for me to look forward to a treatment, but gives me and my  friends a chance to become a more tightly knit group.

The name Party Week came about after I came to Grand Junction to receive treatment. What was just my dad and step-mom sitting in the room, watching the same show on repeat, turned into nearly 10-15 of my closest friends sitting around, laughing, listening to music and enjoying each other’s company. This continued every night of my first treatment here in Colorado, and then into all the treatments after to this day. Everyone has become intune with my schedule and the reminders and question of, “is party week coming up?” is always in the talk.

The importance of friends and the support from countless people throughout this journey has been a huge difference in my attitude, mood and my outlook on life. I remember going to Salt Lake, lying in a hospital bed for five days, not eating, sleeping all day and the only time I would get up was to either go to the bathroom or shower.

There were even times that I was on so many different drugs to prevent nausea, that I wouldn’t even remember talking to my parents, know who my nurse was or even if family would come up. I lost 30 pounds, missed lots of school and I was starting to become depressed. I was almost to  the point of giving up. When I was awake in the hospital, more time was spent wondering why, rather than looking at the end results.

Now in Colorado, I feel better, look better and have a new respect for life. My nurses understand when I’m not feeling 100%, and they enjoy chatting with me and surprisingly look forward to my company when I’m up there! My teachers come up to the hospital to check on how I’m doing and bring me some work for when I’m feeling up to it. My friends are always accommodating, coming up on their off hours from school, lunch and after practice. They’re always asking if I need something and a Gatorade is always a must in the hospital. There has not been one moment here in Colorado, where I have been depressed, angry with my situation or even questioned the path I’m on.

Without the countless visits with friends, the time spent sitting with my parents and the support of my classmates at school, I wouldn’t be writing this. I thank everyone for all you have done and I’m forever grateful for everything.

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  1. Joe on April 13th, 2018 6:06 pm

    It’s been awsome to see you Jaden. You truly are such a awsome young man. Come see the Frenchies again!
    We love you.

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