Headed for Success

Riley Lovato, Reporter

Towards the end of each year, students have the opportunity to elect their fellow students into positions of power.

Head boy and head girl has been a student council tradition for many years. The campaigns provide excitement and a sense of unity among the student body. Students love watching the campaign videos and being able to have fun with their fellow classmates.

For the 2018-2019 school year, Mackenzie Younker was voted GJHS’ head girl. She ran unopposed, however, still needed 20% of the school’s vote to win.

“Being head girl means that I am responsible for helping run a class full of student council leaders and organize the class into committees,” Younker said.

Younker has been involved in student council all throughout high school and has devoted much of her time to all the activities student council entails.

Younker has ambitious plans for the future and wants to make the most of her time as head girl next year.

“Overall, I want to bring more passion to STUCO so we can further benefit our school’s climate and make each day a bit more enjoyable,” Younker said.

Being head girl is not the only activity Younker is involved in. She maintains a busy schedule.

“Besides STUCO, I participate in volleyball, basketball, and track, along with NHS and The Orange and Black newspaper,” Younker said.

Despite her jam-packed schedule, Younker will stay devoted to the job and achieve success.

“As head girl, I want everyone to find the leader within themselves, and in return give this school the pride it deserves,” Younker said.

GJHS student body can expect to see an ambitious and successful 2018-2019 school year. Mckenzie Younker will not let us down.