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Goldberg Says Goodbye

Ari Goldberg has announced that he will be leaving GJHS to pursue another position.

Mr. Goldberg will be leaving GJHS after standing as the principal for 3 years.

Mr. Goldberg will be leaving GJHS after standing as the principal for 3 years.

Marilyn Rice

Marilyn Rice

Mr. Goldberg will be leaving GJHS after standing as the principal for 3 years.

Shannon Clark and Marilyn Rice, Editors-in-Chief

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After 3 years filled with tragedy, challenges and change, GJHS Principal Ari Goldberg, has announced that he will be leaving GJHS at the end of this year. Despite the challenges that  have been  overcome, Goldberg has maintained  accountability and is moving on to a position that will have a bigger impact within District 51.

“I came from a big school district in Jefferson County with 85,000 students.  When I came to GJHS, I saw the smaller scale and the impact that I could make. Now with my new position as Assistant Area Director, I will be working with 10-15 buildings and their principals to help navigate the incorporation of our new learning system, Performance Based Learning,” Goldberg said.

While change is always a hard factor to face, Goldberg’s changes have made an impact on GJHS . Students and teachers  have experienced the improvements he has implemented throughout our school.

“I have implemented Freshmen Academy and am working with teachers to be more student centered. I am most proud of the relationships that I have made with students and the culture of GJHS. I think that for the most part, kids love being here, although we have our bad days,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg is not leaving GJHS in the dust. He will be involved in choosing the new principal  who will continue supporting  the changes that Goldberg has implemented within the school.

“Interestingly enough, with my new position I will have a say in screening and selecting candidates. The same things will still occur at our school, as students may not realize, but these changes are District 51 standards, not just Mr. Goldberg’s standards,” Goldberg said.

Although Goldberg is excited to take on his new position, he will miss GJHS and the relationships he has created with students and teachers here. However, he knows that he will be able to make a greater impact on the lives of students not only in GJHS, but throughout the district. His simple message to students is to be “resilient to change.”

“Keep your head up. Principals do not always make the biggest impact in students’ lives; usually, it is the teachers who you spend the most time with that really make the difference,” Goldberg said.

As for the teachers, Goldberg leaves them with a kindhearted message about the community they create within our school.

“They are a very strong group of adults and they love to create special relationships with students. Keep doing what you are doing and keep providing opportunities for all kids,” Goldberg said.

There is no doubt that Ari Goldberg is leaving behind big shoes to fill, but we have faith that he will have an impact on the choice for  the best candidate for GJHS.  He knows what qualities potential candidates  must possess to meet the needs of   GJHS. We are excited to see the improvements Goldberg will make district wide and know that he will not disappoint. He will be greatly missed.

Remember, once a Tiger, always a Tiger.


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Goldberg Says Goodbye