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Superhero Teachers

Jacob Melchor, Reporter

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It is no surprise that we have a lot of “superhero” teachers who care about their students and their co-workers.

Mrs. King:

Mrs. King, literature teacher, said “I wanted to become a teacher because when I was in high school my literature teacher showed that she cared about the kids and what she taught.”

Mrs. King became a teacher because she wanted to show the kids that she cares about her students and wants them to become successful. As a teacher she has the ability to work with different kinds of students, like those who need a little bit more of an explanation or those who need that extra edit for a perfect paper and she is always finding each students strength and weakness.

Ms. Imel:

Ms. Imel, history teacher, likes to be around young kids and teenagers, so that is why she became a teacher. Ms. Imel said, “I have that kind of intriguing side to and believe that my students find me half funny and half weird.”

She finds that it is a good way to teach because her students are always in suspense on what she will do next. She finds the best way of getting to know her students, is by treating them like normal human beings. She doesn’t like to patronize them or treat them any different than her fellow co-workers. Next year, Ms Imel will be the Speech and Debate coach, further evidence of her super-hero status.

Mr. Greggory:

“I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in kids’ lives, when I was younger my father told me that working with young adults gives you energy.” While he was in school he had a lot of teachers make in impact on his life and it encouraged him to want to make a difference in other students’ lives. He loves his job and he loves to be around his students and he always looking for ways to improve his teaching style. One major way Mr. Greggory relates to his students is, he was a student athlete who grew up in a low income family. He is able to relate to all of students because he has been through a lot when he was younger.

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Superhero Teachers