Unsung Heroes

Kyler Bradshaw, Reporter

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Often times in high school athletics, a few star players are chosen to be recognized and accredited with a team’s success. While that credit may be well deserved, it is no secret that one or two players alone are not responsible for every play made or win earned. So here is to the unsung heroes, the athletes that fly under the radar but at a moment’s notice are ready to contribute to their team’s success, whether or not they get the glory.

  Canon Olkowski, junior, is a shooting guard for our Boys’ Varsity Basketball team. Canon has been playing basketball ever since he was little, and continues to play because it is fun for him. In order to prepare for the season and upcoming games, Olkowski attends open gyms and practices five to six times a week. “He is probably our best shooter. Everytime he shoots it you know it’s buckets. He is also good at rebounding and defense, but he is lights out from behind three.” Jake Chaffetz, senior said.

            Another shooting guard is sophomore, Julianna Campos. Campos has loved basketball ever since she was younger, and continues to stay driven because her Grandpa loves watching her play and gets really excited every time she sets foot on the court. She loves her team and her favorite moments are when they have to travel to Denver and play. In order to prepare for the season Julianna attends open gyms, practices weekly with the team, and tries to work out every day.

            Uriel Garcia (more commonly known as “Udi”) is a junior and wrestles in the 285lb heavyweight class for GJHS’ very accomplished wrestling team. Garcia began wrestling to lose weight and learn to defend himself, but is now driven to compete by the possibility of wrestling in college and because it is fun for him. His favorite moment is when the crowd cheers him on and trips to Denver with his team. Garcia practices daily and trains as often as he can during the off season.

Sarah Griffin, senior, is one of GJHS’ distinguished academic students and is also a part of our Girls’ Swim and Dive team. Though she originally started swimming in the fifth grade to follow in her dad’s footsteps, Griffin now swims because it makes her feel accomplished and she is motivated to drop time so she can get to state. She races in the 100 butterfly, the breaststroke, and freestyle. Griffin’s favorite moments take place traveling to meets with her team and competing against herself.

  Jack Jordan is a rising star for our Boys’ Swim and Dive team. Though he is only a freshman, Jordan races in the mile, 200 IM, 100 free, 400 free, and 500 free. He trains every day for two hours and occasionally in the mornings when his team meets to do weights. Jordan enjoys the competitive aspect as well as the physical benefits of the sport, and he began swimming because his brother did.

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