Lunchtime Chaos

Callie Shea, Students and Culture Editor

Lunch is a time that all students value and use to see friends, go home, do school work, or anything they have time to do during the period. Some students will agree that it is much too short while other students simply do not mind. One big lunch conflict that has come into focus was when the freshman were switched to a different lunch hour.

Currently the lunch period lasts for forty minutes.

“[Lunch] should at least be twenty minutes longer to be an hour.”  Lily Gerson, senior, said.

With the freshman not having the same lunch as upperclassman they also don’t have the privilege to leave anywhere during their lunch period. Arlesia Sanchez, also senior, has a two sided opinion towards freshman having a different lunch.

“I feel like freshman can get rowdy and they don’t have cars so they would be around where we are trying to study.” Sanchez said.  “I also have a sister though so trying to go to lunch with her is hard”.

While lunch is not talked about often students had a lot to say about it. Not every student agreed with lengthening lunch, some simply did not care while others like the length of the period. Many factors draw into how long the lunch period is but it is unlikely all students would agree to a solution.