Not Just Your Average Teenager

Mackenzie Younker, Reporter

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High School is challenging and rigorous enough for so many of us, now imagine the stress of High School on top of worrying about where your next meal is coming from and where you’re going to sleep.

Homelessness among public schools is increasing, and teens without a place to call home face unique obstacles. Some teens are homeless on their own and trying to get by without anyone looking out for them. Others are homeless with their families, some live at The House, and others are just living in the garage of a friend’s house.

“It is amazing how much fighters and survivor’s kids can be,” Councilor, Mrs. Kuhlman, said.

One thing our school does to support these kids is a Free and Reduced Lunch program. “To get Free and Reduced Lunch kids can apply for it when they enroll at Junction, or can learn more on school District 51 website. Anything to help support a student so they have a regular life.” Mrs. Kuhlman, said.

This includes free breakfast and lunch at the school and the district can help drop extra school’s fees such as class fees and athletic fees.

On top of that, GJ has a backpack program so students can take a bag of food home for the weekend, available for anyone.

“I’ve seen students in these positions push themselves through basic classes and AP classes to go on to college and never quit.” Mrs. Kuhlman, said. “Focusing can be hard when you have so many other lists of things to worry about, but we have so many fighters.”

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