Playing in the Spot Light

Annika Sisac, Reporter

Melody Jacobsen a senior at GJHS will weld her musical talent on the violin under the golden stage lights and the 83 foot vaulted ceilings of Carnegie Hall in the Stern Auditorium. Jacobsen, with her prodigious talent has won an opportunity of a lifetime to play on the same stage that Tchaikovsky played on the opening night in 1893 and the Beatles used as the stage for their first tour to the U.S.

According to, in 1950 a pedestrian on 57th street asked a musician getting out of a cab, “’How do you get to Carnegie hall?”’ The musician replied with one remark, “’practice.”’

In order for Jacobsen to have the chance to play within the golden walls of Carnegie with other outstanding high school musicians she went through a lengthy process of practice, practice, practice.

“I had to record a solo that was really hard. I’ve been working on that song for a year and a half and I also prepared other scales for the recording,” Jacobsen said.

Jacobsen has been playing the violin for six and a half years, but music didn’t become a major part of her life till her freshmen year. For Jacobsen being able to play where other musicians have made history is a huge honor.

“Being able to play [in Carnegie Hall] is cool and exciting,” she said, “I feel like you look up to people who have played there and you think wow, that’s incredible, and then it happens to you and it seems unreal,” Jacobsen said.

Although playing at Carnegie hall is exciting it isn’t the only thing of granger that Jacobsen is looking forward to. Other high school students from around the world have also been invited to play at the hall.

“There’s people from Guam and London and I think it’s really interesting being able to learn about their different cultures,” Jacobsen said.

At the end of the ordeal Jacobsen will join the other musicians to ride on a private yacht as a celebration party.

Carnegie Hall, with its renaissance inspired architecture and well lite expanse draws the attention of many people even without a musical background. By becoming the first GJHS student invited to the hall, Melody Jacobsen is an example of how you can turn a passion and a dream into reality wit hard work and dedication.