Aggressor to Oppressor

Madi Martinez, Editor in Chief

Society defines a bully as someone who mistreats others. It is not just an act of shoving a person into a locker or being called a silly name or being teased about simple things. It is much more than that. A bully is someone who has the potential of changing a life in a devastating manner.

“A bully is someone who targets other people and puts them down to make themselves feel more powerful. Bullies are aggressors,” Ms. Derrieux said.
There are many different types of harassment that society does not recognize such as:
1. According to The Guardian, “Ronan Hughes, a 27-year-old from Northern Ireland blackmailed student into posting intimate photos of themselves online, which led to these students committing suicide.”
2. According to Lead Them Home, an organization dedicated to loving LBTQ students in the church, ‘Kenneth Weishuhn, a gay high school freshman from Paullina, Iowa, took his own life after being bullied by classmates at school and online, and with death threats by phone.”
3. The population does not recognize the little things. For example, it is common to say “I’m just kidding” when they really aren’t. Saying you’re just kidding does no take away the hurtful things you have said. The word bully is becoming desensitized. Bullying is harassment, and it leads to terrible tragic events.

“An oppressor is anyone who intentionally tired to make someone else mislabeled or picks on them and they realize they are, and they do it repeatedly. A bully is malicious,” Ms. Martinnovich, English teacher said.
Bullying has become too common in schools. Although we are raising awareness,  much more needs to be done to completely stop the harassment. Many educational leaders are aiding those in need with support groups to help the victims. It will take time and positive approaches from all of us to make this crime disappear.