Rylees Corner//Shark Bait

Rylee Martin, Editor

I went to California with my friend over the summer. While we were there we enjoyed lots of activities such as Disney Land, Water World, and spent a lot of days on the beach. On the fourth day we were there we decided to go swimming in the ocean. I am deadly afraid of sharks, so at first I was hesitant, but I found the courage to get in the water. My friend decided she wanted to relax, so she went back to the beach leaving my dad and I in the water. We kept going deeper and deeper into the water and I had thought I got over my fear of sharks. And then it happened. A fin popped up right next to me. I started screaming and tried to swim back to shore. While I was freaking out, I had noticed my mom and best friend standing on the beach laughing at me. I turned around and my dad was laughing as well. I didn’t know what was so funny there was a shark in the water! That is when I re-looked at the fin. It wasn’t a shark fin at all. It was a dolphin. I whole bunch of them were swimming right by us. Everyone on the beach saw me freak out. I was so embarrassed.


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