Shakespeare Spotlight

Riley Lovato, Reporter

As the curtains opened, “The Shakespeare Project” cast quickly put all preconceived ideas regarding Shakespeare to rest.

Most high school students dread the Shakespeare unit in English classes, simply because they can’t understand it and it’s outdated. Words like “thou,” “thy,” and “doth” seem off-putting to anyone who isn’t familiar with Shakespeare. However, thanks to the cast and crew of “The Shakespeare Project,” modern aspects and explanations were added to ensure satisfaction within the audience.

“This play explains Shakespeare, so it doesn’t have to be so complicated,” Keenan Clements, senior, said.

“The Shakespeare Project” was directed by Mrs. Neumiller and was not specific to any one play. It covered scenes from multiple pieces including, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet and Julius Caesar.

A scene from Romeo and Juliet was completely modernized with a visual presentation of Romeo and Juliet’s conversation through text message. Their frequent use of emojis and teen slang added a comical aspect and left the audience pleasantly surprised.

Another way to bring Shakespeare to present day, was through a WWE-like fighting match. Though this anachronism was obvious, the cast made sure not to abandon traditional Shakespeare aspects.

The passionate cast of the “The Shakespeare Project” displayed individual talents as well as an impressive team effort to produce a successful show. The drama department received a well-deserved round of applause and never fails to entertain the community.