Roaring to Success

Shannon Clark, Editor in Chief

GJHS Drama Productions presents, “The Mouse That Roared,” directed by Casey Sutton who has brought a political satire to the stage which is a dramatic difference from other performances that GJHS is used to. The show stars Grace Ady as Gloriana the 12th, Hunter Mendoza as the President, and Sierra Packard as Secretary of State.

The little town of Grand Fenwick is known for their wine, that is until California rips them off. Now Grand Fenwick is set off to fight the United States through war, which is very unheard of considering the United States is more powerful than Grand Fenwick. Led by Tully Bascom played by Innes Caspari, the adventure is sure to be one that Grand Fenwick must pull through to save the fate of their country.

The play was originally written in the 1950s during the Cold War, but the GJHS Drama department was able to fully bring this play into the current era. The play dealt with war, uncertainty, differing political leaders, and more which were all able to relate to the 21st century. The play was also modernized with tourists taking selfies in New York City, and the cast dancing to Uptown Funk as they made their journey to the United States.

Although the play is mainly focused around the political aspect of the show, it nonetheless is filled with humor. Whether that’s laughing at the jokes the U.S. military leader and his daughters make, the happy go lucky Jester, or the newscaster speaking in multiple accents, the show is sure to leave you with a belly ache from laughter.

The cast and crew only had 6 shorts weeks to put together this fabulous show and the work shows off in how well organized the show is, the costumes, and of course- the lovely cast. This show is sure to leave a mark in the minds of those who see it, and will leave them waiting anxiously for what the drama department will produce next.