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Kaitlin Berg, Reporter

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One year ago, our principle, Mr. Goldberg, had the idea of creating mural for the cafeteria. Although the cafeteria is a place for eating lunch and socializing, there isn’t much to look at. With plain walls, the windows offer a small view of a piece of the parking lot behind the school, but that’s really it. Six students saw that opportunity, took up the challenge and began designing a new mural for our school.

The mural consists of multiple images that represent our school.

Cyan Lopez (project leader, 2016 graduate), Emily Pitcher, Esme Contreras, Rebecca Campbell, Alexis Vessel, Alexis Picard, Colton Prout, and Carli Flugge started the long process by having each person create one design, (along with the inspiration of Thomas Hart Benton,) and choosing the best one that depicts how Grand Junction High School is apart of the GJ community. Once they chose one, they all made their own version of it and picked the best one of those six. The three panel mural was just recently finished after months of planning, building, painting, and perfecting the piece.

“Mr. Graham and I did a lot of painting the last few days, but the students got down most of it,” Mr. Henry, art teacher, said.

The mural is full of color and fun details to look at that definitely get rid of the simplicity of the cafeteria. The other murals made for the school are part of our history and show our school spirit and we’re proud to add this one to the collection.

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